How do I do illusion of a giant game map that never-ending

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  • I have a layer of game in 1980X1080 (page (layer) size).

    I have a car with a car's behavior.

    all the layer is roads for the car.

    When I drive and reaches the right screen (end screen) the car gets stuck and stops.

    My question is whether it is possible to get to the other side of the screen (start when you reach the end) and give the illusion of a giant game map that never-ending. The map is displayed like a loop.

    its very hard to me to explain this and I hope this understood.

  • This is similar to the wrap behavior but its must have a smooth motion like Scroll to behavior when it comes to the end and goes back to the beginning to do illusion of a giant game map.

    I think the question more understandable now Sorry for my English.

  • I did this but it really does not move smoothly. Does anyone know how this could be improved so that it will run smooth and will not see the jump.

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  • You should check out the How do I FAQ and take a look at the "Scrolling / Camera" section.

    What you are looking to achieve is an infinite scrolling.

    In what your capx displays it sounds like an horizontal scrolling.

    Also, consider using the "Edit" function from the forum (the little pen icon in the top right of your message) instead of posting multiple posts in a row.

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