How do I ignore collision on Tilemap by Tile ID?

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  • Hello there, people!

    How do I ignore collision on Tilemap by Tile ID? There's a way to do it, messing with some code, maybe?

    Well, I already tried to overlap two tilemap objects, one ignoring the collision and worked okay for the most, but it takes the double of the work it would. And is not a good thing to double the boredom tiling already is (at least for me, I'm a programmer, not level designer).

    Since there's no way to "delete" the collision polygon int the individual tile, disabling this should be an effective way to do what I want. A little observation is that I'm doing a 'platformer' with intensive use of tiles on scenary who should be passable.

    A suggestion for improvement in software would be a new tilemap property called 'Ignore Collision Ids' or whatever, settable in events when the game is running too, with the ids to ignore collisions. It would be awesome, setup one time and work always.

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  • Don't you just omit that tile when you check for the collision?

    -On collision with tilemap

    + Tile ID different to (tile id number you want to ignore) - do whatever

  • It's not effective at all, even supposing it works. There's a couple of ids, about half of the tileset to be honest (It is a real intensive usage in scenary!) and even a complex expression couldn't handle it well anyway.

    Well, I could look "into code" to implement it if needed. Any more ideas?

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