iFrame on iOS - scrolling and fixed position

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  • I use iFrame (@Pode's plugin) to display leaderboards inside my game. It works very fine on Android and PC but has some very weird issues on iOS.

    At first, on iPhone, it resizes to the size of the content, so it goes all the way down of the layout. It's good that I can, at least, scroll to see everything. But I have some decorative snowflakes over the leaderboards (made on server-side). I want to use position: fixed; for them to achieve what I want - and it works perfectly on Android and PC - but not on iOS. I want to be able to have some snowflakes no matter how much I scroll. But on iOS, they scroll with the content. That means I don't see them when I scroll to the bottom.

    Second, on iPad, it doesn't resize. Instead, it stays the same size as set. But that means I cannot scroll down the content and I cannot see the whole content. I would like to be able to scroll on iPad, too.

    Does anyone know any solution for this?

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  • Ho you did the iframe 'works' under android???

    I export with cordova then i use IntelXDK

  • Hi,

    i have exactly ... the same problem on ios

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    i was thinking about set the size of the iframe to the avalaible screen and set x to centrate ... but fail

  • Ho you did the iframe 'works' under android???

    I export with cordova then i use IntelXDK

    I don't know, it just works. One thing I have, that's probably not so natural, is that instead of having set URL at the beginning, I set it on start of layout. Unless I do that, the On Loaded condition doesn't trigger.

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