IE9 still an issue w/Construct2

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  • Hello,

    I just posted to a closed thread on not being able to view Construct2 games after uploading to dropbox in IE9. Construct2 generated index pages will not finishing loading, hanging with the blue bar beneath the HTML5 logo at about 98%. Worked fine in Firefox and worked in both browsers before uploading.

    Where else are you guys recommending that we upload to test live if there are issues with drop box??

    Update, I noticed the gentlemen that posted under the thread looking to build a gaming website, well, his test game isn't loading in IE9 either!!!


  • Can you post links to these games on DropBox so we can check them out ourselves?

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  • Sure I can, Ashley.

    However, I would really appreciate everyone keeping in mind that this is my first game and it is suppose to be easy as it is for people who have kidney disease and/or are dialysis patients. It is not meant to be hard as their lives are difficult enough already!

    And yes, I know Khaos really begins with a "C" and that my kidney does not get destroyed when he is run into by the little green enemies!

    So, I would really appreciate it in advance if everyone would try to be nice and respectful, even if you dislike my artwork or my game.

    For some reason, the forum will not allow me to use the insert link above so I am listing it here:

    It runs fine in Firefox but not IE and it runs offline on both.

    Oops, forgot to post the link for the gentlemen who wants to start the new gaming site but the game is already live on his site and it does not show in IE, here's his link:

    (still can't use the insert hyperlink here in the forum! Is this because I am not reputable enough to PM and hyperlink too!) Ugh...

    Thanks, Ashley, etal...

    (P.S. Of course I knew I was posting in a closed thread Ashley but since the issue is still an issue, I posted there as well. Thinking to myself that maybe the thread was prematurely closed! eheh...


    is a 404 (missing). Did you upload all the images? Firefox and Chrome manage to continue despite the missing image, but it makes IE9 stop running the game.

    The index.html has been edited and has mistakes. For example, there are 'meta' tags, which may only occur inside the 'head' tag, placed inside the 'body' tag. Again Chrome and Firefox manage to continue despite the incorrect HTML, but it causes IE9 to fail to display the page.

    Neither appear to be Construct 2 bugs! Tip: press F12 in IE9, or Ctrl+Shift+J in other browsers, to see the browser console. This contains a log of errors as well. It's how I found both problems.

  • Ashley et al,

    I need to know where to bring the wet noodle as surely I deserve a big whippin' with one for making such a foopah! I had originally made my game in Construct Classic and then upgraded to C2 and was so excited to have the extra event sheets and layouts that I put a big fat image on my start page, which I later decided I did not need since it was working so great without it and then it got late so I went to bed and then today I got the dropbox account and uploaded and it worked fine in Firefox, never even missed a beat! So then I decided to check it out in IE and it didn't work so I came to the forum and read and read and then I ran across the old bug thread and thought there must still be an issue. I mean after all, I have had the 2 programs since Sunday and have made one whole game, it couldn't possibly have been anything stupid I might have done, right?? <img src="smileys/smiley9.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    I am so sorry that I caused you to take time out of your schedule to look into something that I was at fault for! Can I do anything to redeem myself?

    Boy, I feel really rotten to have caused you any angst! Please accept my sincerest apologies!

    Go ahead, roll your eyes! Dang, being a newbie can be such a pain in everybody's er, side! Huh?


  • Haha, don't worry, it can be hard to tell what's a bug and what's not sometimes <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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