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  • Having finally finished my Action Space shooter ( that I started over two years ago to familiarize myself with C2 I am looking for a new project.

    I think my next one will be a light weight idle game. I have come up with a pretty cool theme and examined the idle/clicker template from the Scirra store and as I thought its a pretty simple and straight forward build. However...

    How do idle games ramp up to such crazy score totals? For fun I maxed a Construct 2 variable out with a x2 add event (in about 2 seconds) and it eventually just says "Infinity". I wouldn't think they use actual integer values but instead come up with their own system.. millions, billions, trillions, gazillions, aa, ab, ac, etc...

    What would be easiest way to accomplish this?

  • I believe a single value in construct uses a 32 bit float, or roughly 2 billion. If you need more than that you can use a second value as a multiplier, so 2b squared. You can probably accomplish an infinitely scaling number system by pushing out an array whenever you need to. The bigger design decision for you would probably be how to represent this number on screen for the user.

    Edit: never mind, construct uses doubles, so your maximum number is 9007199254740992.

    After a certain point the lower digits won't be significant at all so it probably wouldn't matter anymore.

  • 9G... I think I will just lower my cash flow and once you hit 1G set another var to 1 and reset primary counter... this will give me 999G which should be plenty for my little game. If i need more I can make a third var counter etc.

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  • Clicker Wizard on Scirra Arcade!

    Only took a couple of weeks. Its a small scale clicker but it has all the elements you need.

  • [quote:ie8i067i]Clicker Wizard on Scirra Arcade!

    Only took a couple of weeks. Its a small scale clicker but it has all the elements you need.

    Hi! I just played your clicker game and left a comment. I wonder if you will still update that.

  • I currently have no plans to update or add anything to it. It is feature complete for what it is... which is basically a small example of what you can throw together with C2 in a few days...

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