idle animation overrides movement animation

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  • Hi All,

    somehow I could't find the solutoin via search. Maybe I miss something important or I am not patient enough.

    have this problem with a platformer prototype. I use the plattform behavior and animaitn trigger.

    <img src="" border="0">

    Link for the game:

    Everytime I jump or fall and move in a direction at the same time. After touching the ground only the idle animation plays. It looks like the charcater is sliding on the ground. I don't get my misstake. It is really annoying.

    Thank you for your help.


  • I have the same problem... my "solution" was this:

    When landed: play "landed" animation, wait 0.3 secs, play "moving" animation.

    And since the problem occurs only when you move after landing, this seemed "solution" enough for me xD

    Hope it helps ^^

  • why don't you try to put animations on keys?? like if left key down player play "run"

  • One of the real reasons I double check this situation is because on moved and on stopped don't work as instead.

    put an "OR" block and check when the "player speed = 0" or "on stopped".

    The same for walking, "player speed > 0" or "on moved"

    A much more complex system about basic movements can be found on my signature. I'll update this sandBOX next month, with new code, using the recently changes of the beta.

  • yes but speed checking is complex too ^^ for example when you jump you will have a speed so the move animation will start work while jumping so you must put some condition like when player overlap with wall + speed >< zero --> start animation and so on... i think one of the hardest thing is the animations on platform ^^ i remember in my wizard game i used about 30 events for animations : )

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  • I like to invert expressions myself. Like

    +Player is on floor

    ++Player is moving

    ----> Set animation to "walk"

    ++Player is not moving

    ----> Set animation to "idle"

    That's the method I use, and variations on that theme. Never have any problems with it.

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