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  • I'm trying make my sprite do one of 3 animations randomly when it is left idle. I used the tutorial at and it is not working.

    My array is named: IdleAnimationSelect

    The name of the sprite is "PlayerAnimations" the names of the idle animations within it are: Still, Bubble and Sleep.

    Here is my code:

    <img src="" border="0" />

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  • Why not just set animation to choose("Still", "Bubble", "Sleep") ? I'm not sure what exactly your problem is though as you didn't say what's wrong.

    Edit: You're checking for IdleTick to be >= 20 which is only a 3rd of a second. Try increasing that to at least 2 or 3 seconds

  • I did try - "if platform is not moving (also tried if 8 direction is not moving), wait 5 seconds, set animation to Bubble, wait 5 seconds, set animation to Sleep" but the animation would restart unpredictably during gameplay.

    Having a random animation play after a certain amount of idle time seemed like a great idea but I'm not clear why this is not working. I set the timer low so I can see the result right away when I'm testing it. It was set to 300 and it still did not work.

  • the problem is that after the set amount of idle time, those "idle" animations are not playing randomly or otherwise at all.

    do you know anything about this?

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