How do I identify the gender of my player

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  • My idea is to implicitly personalize the game character that the player will be using while playing (i.e. if the player is male then the game character will have a male look. If the player is female then the game character will have a girly look).

    In order to achieve this, I thought about asking the player (within the game home interface) to say his/her name (via microphone) in order to save it in his/her game profile. Then, based on the input voice (while saying the name) the game uses the voice pitch to identify if the player is Male/Female.

    Is it possible to implement this method in C2 and if yes how so? Or is there any other method I can use in C2 to achieve my goal.

    Thank you in advance

  • Why so complicated, when you can ask user to select profile: male - female

    You can also have a male/female shilouete for them to select.

  • The analyzer expressions of the audio plugin would be a good place to start looking. I haven't messed with it at all so I don't have any more knowledge beyond that.

    I second the recommendation to just ask the player the gender. Forcing the player to say his name has two issues. One, it makes your game unplayable for players with no microphone. Also unless the game uses the microphone as part of the game mechanic it would be out of place.

    Second you risk angering the player if you guess their gender wrong.

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  • Thank you both for your replies.

    First: I'm trying to make my game and the HCI intelligent (i.e. it deduces by itself the player gender without using some sort of specification). That’s why I thought of using the voice input to identify the gender.

    Second: Yes my game play requires the use of the microphone.

    Third: Yes you are so right about the possibility of guessing wrong the gender of the player. Therefore, I thought of using some sort of AI algorithms to increase the chance of the gender classification (e.g. fuzzy logic).

    I know it’s kinda complicated but yeah lol. Thank you again for all your feedback and recommendations I really appreciate it

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