Identify Collision IIDs

  • Hi folks

    I have a slight problem identifying both instances of the same object when they collide.

    This approach brings back identical IIDs:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Hopefully, I've just messed up the logic and there's a way to use pick nearest to identify the second instance.

    Alternatively, the nearest instance is the initial instance, in which case I need to find the second nearest instance.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hmm, the image link doesn't seem to work:

  • Here is a demo that has similar situation:

    Evil sprites demo

    On collision trigger they are both picked, so you have to 'browse' through them using pick nth instance.

  • Thanks vee - I think you're single handedly mentoring me!

    Unfortunately, my Steam (personal) version of Construct 2 is 114 and your capx is saved in 118. Hopefully, Steam will update soon....

    I understand the logic though, so will have a crack anyway.

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  • Hmm, just found this:

    Beta updates & x64 support

    We initially launched on Steam with r114, the latest stable release. However you can now also opt in to beta updates and get r117 via Steam. Just right-click on Construct 2 in your Steam library, select Properties, and in the Beta tab select the beta option from the dropdown. As always, beta releases give you the latest features sooner, but are more likely to have problems, so use with caution! Also note you cannot open projects in older releases of Construct 2. So if you save in r117 you will not be able to open it in r114 - therefore be sure to keep regular backups in case you want to roll back.

    However, there is only one choice in the dropdown (opt out of betas)

  • Heh, fixed - had to opt in to betas on the free version then it updates both.

    I'll stop replying to myself now....

  • ..he lied...

    Just wanted to say that works perfectly, vee.

  • Pleasure to help, good to know they got steam stuff working properly too! :)

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