Any other ideas to improve my games framerate?

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  • Hey there guys!

    I'm having some issues with my mobile game Gladiator guts (link at the bottom). I have it running at 60fps the majority of the time but occasionally it drops down to 45 of my Samsung Galaxy S3. I've put in a couple of days solid work now getting the framerate this high. Are there any more methods you can recommend to just get that last boost? Here are the methods I have already used, they are not present in the version you can play at the bottom as that is the PC version:

    * Splitting all my large background images into quarter chunks so they load faster and have less transparent areas.

    * Reducing the quality on my blood particles. I need to reduce the gut quality as well. I did this by halving the size of everything in the editor then making it bigger on the layout. Not sure if it made a difference.

    * Lowering the physics steps to 0 for all my physics objects and also making them frame rate independent which honestly makes no visible difference. It's quite annoying because if that worked as I thought it would I would have 0 issues and my game would be out last week.

    * Getting rid of my big transparent shadows.

    * Getting rid of the big arena floor for the crowd to stand on and instead making the background colour the floor colour.

    * A few little changes to code here and there, loops, collision checks etc.

    Are there any more ideas guys? Anything I've done there that is wrong?

    Is my understanding that sprites use up less memory that tiled background images for the background if it is not being tiled, as in repeated multiple times?

    Thanks guys!

  • Game never finishes loading.

  • I actually have the same problem with my game LeviCat, but on my side the problem is the spawn/destroy function (causes micro-laggs).

    But in your case i think the problem are the effects. Which service do you use for exporting and compiling for android? I guess CocoonJS?

    Have you tried these tips already? ... bile-games

  • TheDom That's odd? No one else is reporting that issue. Do you get to the custom Loading screen or get stuck on the construct 2 one?

    Yeah the framerate stays pretty solid right up until I'm spawning and destroying objects. I don't really see a work around.

    I have tried taking off webgl and also removing all fade effects and the like but they make no difference. I'd rather have the coloured numbers (hue effect) without having to put in 4 different sprite fonts for each player character.

    And yeah dude I'm using cocoonJS. I tried for a couple of days to get above 25 FPS on crosswalk but I gave up. CocoonJS seems pretty solid, I kept having to go back and forth changing my art to lower quality so It wouldn't crash it due to using too much memory.

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  • Yes you are absolutly right cocoonJS is the best service to compile to android at the moment and it works fine for 99% but (I don't know if it is C2 or CocoonJS) it has problems with the creating and destroying function. Especially with big sprites. I tried to time the spawning/destroying that just always one sprite will be destroyed or spwaned. But it didn't help a lot.

  • I think it's a common issue with all engines. Thing is when I'm playing games I don't care if there is a little drop in framerate because things are being spawned. I think I'm just trying to be a perfectionist which really isn't possible on my first game.

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