How do I make IAP work for iOS with Intel XDK build?

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  • Hi everyone, I'm new and been searching the forums for days and read through numerous topics related to my question. Like most people, I built for Android Crosswalk via XDK using PhoneGap IAP plugin instead of the C2 IAP plugin. I read that if you use the PhoneGap IAP plugin for iOS build, it would work. So I basically exported the same project that I did for Android, except build it for iOS. The result is it successfully triggered the "Is store available" event with action "Add product ID" and "Request store listing" but when I press a button to buy something, nothing happens. So some of my question is as followed:

    1. Does Apple need to approve your In-app purchases before you can test IAP?

    2. In C2, when you select the PhoneGap IAP object, there's a property for Android application license key. I'm guessing if you build for iOS then nothing is required in that field?

    3. What third-party plugins are you guys using to make IAP work for iOS? (I added the cc.fovea.cordova.purchase and it's asking for a BILLING KEY which I don't know what to put for iOS.)

    4. Does Cordova CLI Version affect anything? I have it on 5.1.1 when building iOS but 4.1.2 when building Android Crosswalk.

    The whole game itself is working fine except for IAP. Nothing happens when I click "buy" on any of my products when testing. As a note, I've set up everything on iTunes Connect and submitted my game for review. IAP is also being reviewed. Also, the product ID in itunes is also same as the one I use in C2 when adding product ID so I don't think there's a problem there.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • Bump. Please assist.

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  • I somehow managed to figure it out. It seems if your IAP listing on itunes connect is "waiting for review" status then it won't work. It has to be in the status "waiting for screenshot"

  • Hi goldenazndragon

    I have this same issue. I added the in-app items for my app in the iTunes Connect panel, and I tried to test directly in my iPhone using the ipa file generated in the Intel XDK with adhoc provision. Nothing happens. Did you do what I did? I didn't understand the issue about the status. Could you give me more details? Thanks in advance.

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