IAP "On Store Listing Success" condition not working

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  • Recently, my app was rejected from the appstore because my IAP purchases did not activate. Upon investigating, I found that the On Store listing success condition does not work. I have a global variable that will be changed to 1 if the store listing is successful and if it fails then it is set to -1. Otherwise, it stays at 0. In my game, whenever you click the buy 10 coins button for 99 cents, it will also test if the global variable is 1 or -1. Then, depending on the outcome, it will buy the product or it will produce a error message sprite. However, when testing on my iPhone through testFlight, the global variable stays at 0 and doesn't change meaning the store listing didn't fail or succeed. I don't think it's an issue with my code. I've also seen other topics about this mostly by BinaryPanda but no actual answers were submitted. Has anyone ever gotten IAP to work on iOS? Also, all the product names/id are correct. I've triple checked of that so I don't what to do. Please help!

  • Here are some links to other forum posts that are experiencing similar problems.

    I haven't been able to find any answers to this problem? Anyone know the solution?

  • Apparently, the IAP object only works in Android but not iOS. Another link about the issue.

    I think the issue either has to do with Cordova or with Apple. I already paid 99 dollars for my apple account and this issue is preventing me from uploading my app to the appstore Maybe Ashley or Kyatric know a solution?

  • Please edit your posts, don't multiplost in a row.

    Attempting to use the IAP plugin, I arrived at the same conclusion and let Ash know about it.

    He's not been able to check into it yet since he spent pretty much the last month battling with other iOS issues that you can read about in the latest beta release and this blog article.

    So for now, no solution except waiting and hoping this can be fixed.

  • Okay, sorry for the multipost in a row. Thanks for confirming the issue though and letting Ashley know Excited for when the bug will be fixed

  • I spent a lot of time trying to get the construct plugin to work, checking it wasn't something i was doing wrong in the iOS setup process. There was no mention that the plugin was broken on the scirra site and no comments on any of the posts I made regarding it. Not an ideal process.

    The only solution is to buy Cranberry games plugins. Those work, don't cost much and will save you a load of time.

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  • BinaryPanda the beta update actually fixes all of our problems I just tested it and it indeed does work now. Be sure to update your Construct 2 version to get the benefits. I was about to invest in Cranberry game plugins when Ashley updated it.

  • Good news.

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