IAP.ProductPrice("") not showing till after purchase

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  • Hello all!

    The title says it all... IAP.ProcuctPrice("xxxx") does not seem to initially return any values. Only after I make an successful purchase the price shows up. I searched the forum for answers but all I found were three year old topics stating IAP.ProductPrice() doesn't return any values at all. However again it seems to work but only after I made an successful purchase.

    Because it "sort of works" I find it hard to troubleshoot my self.

    On start of Layout I add the ID's, then call request store listing and on succes fill my text fields with the appropriate "" & IAP.ProdcutPrice("xxxxx").

    It seems, IAP.ProductPrice() is just empty... I have a few fall backs which should change my text fields to show "error" if anything goes wrong with getting the listing, but they don't trigger. The text fields just stay empty, unless... i first make the purchase...

    Does anyone have any clues what could fix my issue?

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  • Nobody who ever encountered this problem?

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