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  • Hi,

    On layout start I'm adding productIds ("gold5000,gold10000") and Request store listing as IAP manual says. Everything works fine with the purchases but I want to grab the product price from the market and set it to some text field.

    IAP.ProductPrice("gold5000") returns empty string (it is triggered on store listing success). Am I something missing here or it is not working feature atm?

    Any help would be appreciated,

    Thank you !

  • jazzi12 I've been having the same problem with the officlal IAP of Scirra... it's keeping me from publishing the game right now, and I've tried a dozen of different builds these past few days experimenting different orders of loading and such... did you solve this or were you forced to use 3rd party plugin?

  • Did you guys resolve any of these problems? I can't seem to get a store listing success or fail to return and believe I have done everything correctly.

  • Hi BinaryPanda,

    Yes we did resolve this altough at this point

    I would have to look at our docs to see exactly what we did to help you

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  • I have similar difficulties with IAP Contruct2 plugin. I can't get price. Did anybody solve the problem?

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