How do I use the IAP plugin properly (Question)

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  • So basically, I read the tutorials on how to attach the IAP plugin into your game. But I am having problem with activating the product when it's already been purchased.

    So basically the idea of the game is to reach the bone at the end of it. I added an option where players can "Continue" the game by paying-to-Continue. I tried using the test mode, and even deleted the "IAP plugin" just to test if the "Continue" button works or not, and it actually works without the "IAP" plugin. But when I attach the "IAP" plugin where I am suppose to "request store listing" at the start of the game layout, etc... It still doesnt work, it's been hours since I've tried to figure this out.

    So, if anyone can help me out by taking a look at the game event sheet under the "Buttons (IAP)" group section where I attached some of the IAP events and conditions, that would be greatly appreciated, I'm new to this and I'm confused where did I went wrong. Below is the .capx file where you can download the game. Thanks, your help would be greatly appreciated.

    https : / / www . dropbox . com / s / 8lv08blcpvckj45 / Catch%20the%20Bone.capx? dl =0

    I can't upload the attachment and therefore I uploaded it to my dropbox file, do note that I separated the links with some spaces because I can't posts URL as my rep is under 300.

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