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  • Can anyone shed any light on the in app plugin process for iOS?

    Do I need another plugin other then the IAP one in Construct 2?

    It really should work from what i have read, but doesnt!

    The process I am using is:

      Create the iOS listing and IAP purchase item Include the IAP plugin in Construct 2 Add the events to set the item id and request the shop, and the other buy options. Export and build in Intel XDK Upload it to an iOS sandbox test account

    All should work?

    However I am getting the error: Trying to purchase unknown product code:4983500

    With some checks the store seems 'available', but the 'store listing' seems to not work at all, I cant get a failed or succeeded check to work for 'store listing'.

    I can get a 'failed to buy any item' and a 'failed to buy specific item' check to work though.

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  • I'm having the same problem where the store listing on success/failed does not work. I also get the same error. Have you found a fix to this?

  • I'm using Android google play, but im bumping this post.

    The Apple IoS store may have something similiar, where you set up in app purchases. In Android at least, you give each IAP a name. It has to be exactly the same, it is case-sensitive. Does the IoS store have something similar?

    If so, the name for the IAP in the IoS store developer console must match the coorsesponding product ID in Construct 2. Case-sensitive.

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