How do I do IAP (In app purchases)

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  • I've done so much learning today, getting a developer account, learning phonegap build, figuring out how to get a keystore thingy whatcha call it... now IAP, the one thing that has stumped me today. All the forum posts I read are talking about Cocoon which isn't used here anymore, and the basic tutorial here is good and all but useless when it comes to actually doing much.

    I did exactly what it said, I put the things at layout start, I tried infusing things with buttons, I have my product and developer account set up, I just.. I can't

    All I am trying to do is set up a couple in-app purchases. I understand how the "Has product" stuff works to detect if the user has purchased said items and how I am going to incorporate that into my existing code. I just have no idea how to get the store to pop-up and be like "Hey buy this!"

    Thanks in advance for any replies. Let me know if you need more info

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  • I'm not sure if bumping is allowed.. But it's been a day and a bit. Does anyone know?

  • Throw in some "Buy"-buttons etc. and add a click event that if the user clicks the button, then buy product X. The plugin you've installed will take care of the rest.

  • If you're using the PhoneGap IAP plugin, it won't work in regular preview mode. You would have to test it in Intel XDK or whatever you are using to export.

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