How do I IAP with google play

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  • hello ! pleas, Is it possible to use the crosswalk with IAP on Android? I find nothing about it and Scirra promised to work on the day of the release of the plugin

  • There is currently no support for IAP in the crosswalk export from what I have seen. You can either wait for them to add support, or use CocoonJS or Ejecta.

  • there is no way to solve the problem with Crosswalk? I do not really want to go through Cocoon because I felt there was a lot of Bug via Cocoon

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  • There are plenty of people using cocoonJS, most of the "Bugs" are in features that you won't get in crosswalk either. A lot of it is just people not configuring things correctly with Ads. Having 30 or 40 features for iOS and Android is better than having 0 features for them. With Crosswalk currently you do not get any IAP, no Ads, no google play or gamecenter, etc.... Crosswalk is stable, but currently missing a lot of the features you would want to actually make money with your games.

  • ok but I do not like when asked CocoonJs information and screenshot of my game to enter prenium I really feel that they take the opportunity to steal ideas

  • Making games isn't really there thing, they have 10's of thousands of developers using them, stealing game ideas isn't all that hard, you can simply browse the marketplaces to do that if you really wanted to. Setting up a game framework and platform for publishing is way too much effort for someone simply wanting ideas. Plus, I tend to copyright and trademark my stuff just in case

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