How do I use iAD and iAP on iOS using C2 and CocoonJS?

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  • Hi,

    I can't find any perfect and complete tutorials about this subject.

    How do I use Ads and In-App-Purchase on iOS using Construct 2 and CocoonJS (or other).

    A Guide from A to Z! A video would be desirable. With full instructions about every single step.

    1. Create a App on iTunes Connect and activate iAD.

    2. Create iAP. What do I need?

    3. Create a App with Construct 2. Settings, etc?

    4. Compile with CocoonJS. (I allready have a premium account).

    4. How to test.

    etc, ...

    Summary: I quickly wan't a working App with iAd and iAp.

    To publish a free App with Ads. With the option to deactivate the Ads with In-App-Purchase.

    I would be very happy if you could help me.

  • DAG

    did you find anything on this?

    I myself have been scouring the forums for this exact thing.

    just curious & thanks in advance for any help you could throw my way

  • You no longer need to enable each app for iAd in the Manage Your Apps module in iTunes Connect.

    After you sign the iAd App Network Contract and integrate the iAd Framework into your app, you approved and "Ready for Sale" apps will all be eligible to receive iAd ads.

    At iTunes Connect you can see your reports at the iAd module.

    Its very easy now. Just show Ads via Ejecta for example. (Tip for Ejecta: You have to add some lines to display the advertisements banners correctly.)

    With iAp I have no experience yet.

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  • thanks man!

    quick question:

    ive been looking at several 3rd party tools

    and do not know enough to make an informed decision.

    between these which do you think would best serve a bullet proof IAP/Leaderboard service:

    and of course...

    any thoughts on which is a better path for monetization & leaderboard capabilities?

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