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  • I just found this:


    It's a game I put together and these guys have lifted it and put it on their site without my permission. I wouldn't really mind so much except they have plastered ads over it. Fortunately they've just lifted it and haven't changed the images with my website address on it so I could end up getting some extra traffic from it but the point is I don't want them hosting my game like that.

    Is there something in construct that can tie a construct two game to a particular URL so for example if it isn't running from a particular domain it won't run at all? I don't want to spend ages developing a game then someone nicks it and changes as few of the graphics so it looks like they made it.


  • The C2 arcade is designed to allow anyone to embed it freely on their websites. At the moment, the only way to prevent this is to host it on your own website, not on the C2 arcade.

    Personally , I don't mind it (my game's up on like ten of those), I don't see any harm, but if you are interested in making money this could be a problem.

    (Also, the only ads I see are Scirra ads, which come when someone embeds from the arcade).

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  • Ah right, well in that case I don't mind, I thought someone had done this underhandedly.

    I feel a bit stupid now for moaning <img src="smileys/smiley9.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • No worries, when I first saw mine up on one of these sites I had the same feeling ;)

  • hehehehe, yeah I saw it and thought cheeky b****** and automatically thought it was stolen, I'd forgotten that the terms of upload to Scirra mean other sites can embed your game.

    It raises the profile of my game and my website so it's really a good thing it's just initially I thought it was done underhandedly.

    After all the main thing is that people are enjoying something that we made and that is the main thing.

  • We do actually encourage people to embed Arcade games - it helps showcase the games, and Construct 2. If you're unhappy with embedding I'm afraid you should not submit to the Arcade! Also, since a Construct 2 advert appears in the games, it helps sustain the Arcade (which can take a lot of bandwidth, and we host games there for free).

  • Yeah it's fine honestly, I don't mind, it was just finding my game on another website my initial thoughts were that they had nicked it and I thought they were cheeky in doing so. After realising that it's legitimate it's ok.

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