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  • I'm working on the menu for my game, and the vibrate/sound buttons aren't working. I just have a simple on/off for them so nothing too fancy.

    However, when the sound is on I can't click on the button to turn it off. If it's off I can turn it on though.

    The set up goes like:

    System: Sound = 1 | Sound_Icon: Set animation to "Yes"

                                   Audio: Set silent

              Touch: Sound Icon | System: Set Sound to 0

    System: Else | Sound_Icon: Set animation to "No"

                          Audio: Set not silent

              Touch: Sound_Icon | System: Set Sound to 1

    I tried adding a "Toggle Once if true" but that didn't work. I also changed the "Else" to "Sound = 0" and that didn't work either. Not sure why it isn't though.

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