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  • Hey

    I have been following the Memory Match Game by Kittiewan, Great Tutorial!

    I was making some changes to the facecards, by putting sentences of instructions. How ever after importing them into game. The text is hard to read. I'm using photoshop everything look good when I export to PNG. I can bring it up any other viewer it look good, even in the image editor, but when I run the game (HTML 5) not very clear. I have trial version.

    Any help out there. Thanks


  • Define "hard to read".

  • dazzy

    This is the type of question that really requires either a .capx or snapshots of what you are referring to, in order to offer help effectively.

  • Instead of using text in png why don't you use text object or spritefont?

  • Thanks so much.

    Not sure I can use Text Object or Spritefont, because the face care are in the animation editor.

    Would love to upload pic, but don't know how.

    ...Not clear. The writing on the face card is two small and unclear. If I push the size of the card up to read the card is too big.

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  • Sorry would love to upload screen shots but don't know how.

    Again this is the Memory Match Game, done by Kittiewan.

    Any help out there?


  • Any help out there?


    Go to project properties - set Sampling to Point. Probably that's the case.

  • Thanks no luck yet.


  • Thanks no luck yet.


    Sorry, but without screenshots and/or the capx it's really impossible to be of any assistance..

    We don't have any way to see the problem and don't have any idea on how you have anything set up..

    Please try uploading what we need to see and providing a link to it..

  • As I begin to work on the project testing think, I found that using one of the templates, like empty 16:9 portrait works.



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