How do I-- get inventory pickups to show as collected?

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  • Getting a spelling game together--

    Okay, I know how to get a score to show related to pick-ups but how do I get specific items to show they are collected when the player makes contact with them? Case in point--

    Saturday Morning Cart_ _n_

    Pick ups: o,o,s

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  • Do you have an onscreen inventory box? Or a separate layout for inventory? Or a HUD to show items?

    You could have an event such as "Event"= Player--> on collision with object (pick what item) "Action"= System--> Create Object (select the item, what layer you'd like to appear on and the X & Y position.

    The easiest way is to place that item on your layout exactly where you would like it to show up (inventory, HUD). Then copy the co-ordinates (the X & Y) and use that as your X & Y co-ordinates in the "Action"= System--> Create Object dialogue box.

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