How do I...go up and down ladders?

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  • Somebody recently asked me if they should use both the Platform and 8-Directional behavior to move up and down ladders.

    My answer was, "You could, but...".

    There are quit a few tutorials covering this topic, using both the Platform and 8-Direction behavior.

    But, I like to go with just the Platform behavior, with only 2 instance variables for the player and the use of gravity. In the *.capx file (link below) you can see how this is achieved in a Donkey Kong platformer. This approach only uses 7 events. I have commented each event for those of you who are new to Construct 2.

    The graphics and sprites used in this demonstration are just for educational purposes only. Do not use these in any other way without consent from the owner/publisher/company.

    I hope this demonstration will help those creating games with ladders :)

  • pretty good, however there are many problems as I kept getting stuck when I tested it out. Going down seems to be the biggest issue.

    Another side note is that you should use dt for all your non-behavior movements for various reasons.

  • Thanks jobel for pointing out dt on non-behavior movement. I didn't find the need to add dt here in this example because it's not heavy on the processor :)

    Where are you getting stuck?

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  • The *.capx file has been updated.

    Mario gets stuck while going down the ladder and reaches the floor.

    I changed spr_player Is overlapping spr_mask_frame to spr_player Is overlapping spr_mask_frame at offset (0,4)

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