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  • I have a boolean set to false by default. On the new version, when the game loads, the boolean is acting like it's "true". I have it set to "false" where it should and "true" where it should. I've checked all my code. I re-downloaded an old, knowing working version and it's not working either. Is there something I need to do or change?


    I thought it was an old version issue, but it's not. Everything runs fine in Internet Explorer. I never use IE personally so the entire IE experience was like a fresh new boot of Windows. No cache or anything. But in Chrome, it doesn't seem to be updating when I click "run", OR it is setting a boolean to true when it should be false.

    Does anyone know the reason this might be happening to me?

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  • Google Chrome get sometimes bugs and errors, IMHO try to uninstall Chrome then downloaded again.

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