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  • Hey, i read Arrays manual, and i managed to create one , but i had a problem.

    Look, i need a "panel" of 10 invisible buttons. so i created an Array, height 10, widht and depth 1.

    now, i created a function wich executes some actions for each of the Array "squares" or "places" .

    Then, what i need is to know WICH "invisible button" so wich PLACE of the array was touched, so i can pass it by parameter.

    For example:

    Square 5 of the array is touch, thene xecute the function and pass the 5 by parameter.

    Thanks you, hope you understood.

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  • and what with this by the way, i added an array object, all okay, then i added an event with On touch ArrayObject.

    Then when i touch on the screen (on the game ofc) it crashes.


  • Post a capx or screenshot of relevant events, it is really hard to figure otherwise what you have done. Array itself is not 'physical' object in game world that you can touch.

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