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  • So first off heres what Im working on

    First off theres something that automatically moves the animation frame of the selection screen to the girl. No matter which character I choose there's always a baby above dangling.

    Secondly when you play the game the blue sprites would attack the baby without even touching it. Basically the sprite is in a box/rectangle right? But my characters aren't in the form like that and its hard to avoid. Is there a way to render it out so that there's no 'imaginary' box around the baby that is considered to be part of it hitting it

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  • For the first issue, open the Selection image in the image editor and set the animation speed to 0 (zero). It's set to 5 at the moment which, if you count it out, would mean when it plays, the animation would finish on the right hand side.

    For some reason, I'm not getting anything like what you describe for the 2nd issue, but that may be because your original .capx used the non-standard Random Array plugin, which I removed because I don't install non-standard plugins.

  • Basically, if you actually click play. You'd notice that there is more than one baby on the screen as opposed to just one.

    Secondly in addition to my 2nd question in the first post, like the baby in image editor is in a box right? So like when I imported the image it was taken in as a box. So for example here is the game when it runs

    As you can see the blue sprites hits thin air and takes damges

    Thanks zenox98 btw I solved the selection problem!

  • There is more than 1 baby because you are creating an instance even though there is already an instance of both on the layout, which have the Bound to Layout behavior.

    You can either, On Start of Layout, BabyGirl/BabyBoy destroy (destroy the instances before trying to create a new one) or place all usable gfx objects on a separate Layout (my preference), that way there is always an instance available to any Layout, but it won't interfere or need destroying at the start.

    BTW the gfxfor the babies are ridiculously large. I would scale them down in the Editor.

  • Even if I destroy the instances at start of layout. There isn't any instance of the objects anymore?

  • Adding destroy at start works for me. Here's your original .capx with just that the 2 amendments already mentioned:

  • Oh, Thank you very much for helping

    I have finally solved the problem.

    Thank you for some extra knowledge as well concerning Construct 2

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