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  • I'm really sorry to bother people with this question, but I'm not a programmer of any kind, so I'm having a hard time hashing some things out. I have tried looking through all sorts of sites, but i guess i just dont understand. this is what im trying to do

    i have a sprite called (element1) i want this sprite to be created when you click the mouse. i want it created where ever the mouse pointer is at that moment.

    i want (element1) to have physics so it reacts to gravity and other sprite objects.

    if anyone could help me out i would really appreciate it, im sure i will have tons more questions as i sort through this game idea i have.

  • You need the following:

    • mouse object
    • element1 sprite with physics behavior attached

    + On mouse click

    System: create object (element1) at Mouse.X, Mouse.Y

    Be sure to read through tutorials and manual, I'm sure Kyatric will point you to the relevant ones :)

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  • Also keep in mind that a sprite with the Physics behavior will only react to other sprites that ALSO have that behavior. Otherwise it'll completely ignore them.

    And if you want to build an environment for the first sprite to bounce around in, you won't want the floor to move, so set its Physics property "Immoveable" to Yes.

  • so i followed your advice and right now my event sheet looks like this

    mouse-on left button click-system create object element1 on layer0 at mouse.x, mouse.y

    element1-on created-set physics world gravity-enable physics collisions.

    nothing is being created though, its all just a blank white screen whenever i try to test it. help?

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