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  • Hello, I just started using construct 2 to create a game and there is a problem in the assignment of a score to the correct letters.

    The score will only be assigned when the next question is answered.

    I could not find where the problem is from.

    This is my project file: ... aproj?dl=0

  • Your link is broken. Try posting it without the "https://www." part

  • Noted Sorry, It is already updated

  • It's not.. Here is how I see it: ... aproj?dl=0 [/code:2rmnkike]
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  • Delete the rest from the dots onward and try adding this after fg3 since its auto adds the 3 dots.


    So Sorry it auto shorten my link

  • I separate the link into 2 parts


    2) k/ECG%20Game.caproj?dl=0

    Add the second line behind the first line

  • You shared .caproj file, it's not enough to open your project.

    You should save your project as a single file (with .capx extension) and share it.

  • Sorry Sorry here is the capx links

    Please Add them together again thank you


    2) 0o/ECG_Game.capx?dl=0

  • Your game is quite big. Please give more details about the issue - how to reproduce it? What is happening? How is it supposed to work? Which events should I look at?

  • When you play the game, click on the rocket to pop up the question. Once you answered the question it will not add to the CounterScore. Even though its supposed to add immediately after you click on the "More like me" button. When the 2nd question is answered the first question's score will then be added to the respective CounterScore instead of the 2nd question respective CounterScore.

    There are 6 CounterScore, 1 for each letter of RIASEC.

    RCounterScore, ICounterScore, ACounterScore, SCounterScore, ECounterScore, CCounterScore

    Most Like Me = 4

    More Like Me = 3

    Less Like Me = 2

    Least Like Me = 1

    Each question will be represented by those letters, showed in "Test" Text field. Some question will be represented by 2 letters.

  • Man, your code is soooo overcomplicated...

    Your error is in events 25-28.

    You need to move "Set QScount" action before "Call CheckAnswer function".

  • Thanks, I will try that.

    Yeah, I know it is soooooo overcomplicated. I am actually doing this as my project for school.

    The capx file I was given was even more complicated than this

  • Thank you so much dop2000!!!!

    Sorry erm I have another problem, Why is that it won't read the 2nd letter (RIASECLetter2) ?

    My Rcount2 do show the 2nd letter is detected though

  • I solve it Thank you so much dop2000 i was stuck for that problem for 1 day.

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