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  • So, I had just started using Construct 2.

    I am making a (noobish) game where you can put boxes on a basket. (pretty noobish)

    To win the game you must put a specific box on a basket...

    I already did this but with collisions. So when the specific box collides on the sides of the basket, the game finishes.

    I want the box to go in/ontop of the basket to win the game instead of colliding it with the sides?

    Is there a way to do that?

    (Sorry.. I had just started using Construct 2 and have really no knowledge about programming.)

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  • You can make it to where you have the event player on collision with another object and then create a sub event where the player is falling onto something. then you can add the action to it to destroy or do whatever you wanted

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