The Hunter from Thunder Force

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  • Does anyone know how the Hunter from Thunder Force works?

    The Hunter is a homing weapon in the shoot-em-up Thunder Force. It can basically hit anything no matter where it is on screen.

    I have created homing bullets before. Basically, you gradually change the angle of movement of a bullet towards a position and that's it. The bullet curves around to face the object and move towards it.

    However, the Hunter is doing some weird complicated movements. It speeds up, slows down, makes unusually sharp turns, and goes backwards.

    I have a theory that the Hunter bullets are attracted to each enemy by some sort of gravity-like force. That is, the closer the shot is to an enemy, it pulls the shot closer and faster towards it. However, I'm not sure.


    If anyone can figure this out, please reply.

  • You might want to experiment with the pathfinding behavior. Turn it on (give it a direction to find) a second after it's shot.

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  • I'll give it a try. Somehow, I don't think pathfinding is involved as the Hunter's curves can be very roundabout, and its shots pass through all terrain.

  • This is actually how I handle homing shots in my other games. However, the Hunter is doing something very different.

    Notice how in the video, when the enemy is behind the player, the Hunter shots will suddenly slow down and move backwards toward the enemy.

    BTW, that's a slightly disturbing avatar you've got there. o_O

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