Huge size of Win32 .exe project export

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  • Hi everybody.

    Yesterday I had my first contact with construct2 and followed the "How to make a platform game" tutorial.

    I worked out a very simple example of a schematic platform which I later exported to a desktop executable obtaining Ubuntu64/32, OSX an Win32 applications.

    Then I wanted to send it to my friends to show them what I made, so I zipped (winRAR) the Win32 folder to send it via email. It all worked perfectly BUT the RAR file was 17 MByte!!! It's so HUGE for a "game" with nothing more than a background pic, a stick-man like player sprite, a platform, and a barrel... no sound, one layout and NO gameplay implemented...

    I can't believe resulting projects have such a size... I can't even imagine how huge would be a complete game with graphics, sound an gameplay

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Is there a way to reduce size of exported projects?

    Thank in advance to everybody.


  • 17 mb isn't that bad.

    Perhaps you could use a different delivery method other than email.

    Surely you've herd of torrents before.

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  • It's because the node-webkit exporter includes the complete Chromium browser engine. One of the advantages of publishing as a HTML5 website is players can use their existing browser, making the game a really small download.

    Steam regularly delivers games in the gigabytes, and if you make a large game 17mb is probably small compared to the size of the rest of the assets (music, sound, graphics, etc.)

  • mmm... I see... I mean maybe Construct2 focuses most on remote deliverd games such as browser games o mobile rather than "classic" desktop applications.

    and obviously a fixed size of 17 mb decrease is weight in percentage compare to the entire project when this grow in size...

    I thought it was an optimization issue... I understand.. thankyou

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