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  • Hi, I need some help with the HUD.

    the numbers of score and health are showing in the HUD. But the numbers arn't changing when I collide with the yellow and grey balloon.

    yellow ballon adds 1 point. Grey balloon substracts 1 health.

  • The reason the score and health do not change is because of the order your events are setup . You destroy the balloons in early events and then much later check for another collision event to change your variables , well these events never trigger because of the earlier events that destroy the balloons. Put your actions that change the health and score variables in the earlier events that check for collision and all will work fine . You should also use families instead of all the repetition your doing with collision checking . You have over 100 events that could easily be managed with 20 and serve the same purpose . Perhaps reading the manual and doing some tutorials might provide some insight .

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  • event:



    add point to score


  • Thanks granpa ! I made the changes and the HUD is working fine now. Thanks for the tip about families, I'm reading about it now.

    Thanks yonda, but it's working fine now

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