HUD and main screen separate screens?

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  • Hello, I'm not exactly sure how to word this idea. How do I have it so that the screen is separate as one half the main game and the other the HUD that has the controls, and have proper scrolling at the top screen when the player moves?

    As it is right now, scrolling horizontally is fine, but scrolling vertically leads the player to go past the main screen and under the HUD one. Do you get what I'm saying? My window size is 192 width by 341 height, and im testing on a layout that is 384 by 384.

    I maed some images here to try to explain what I need.

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  • seems you need to both limit the movement of the player so that they cant go that low in the "layout" and you should also make sure that all the HUD and UI stuff is on a seperate layer that is highest up on the z-order so that it will cover anything that ends up down there.

    You can also limit the "camera" to never go too low.

    You're going to have to work the exact logic and events out yourself to do these things unless you want to share your capx with someone so they can help you work around your specific needs and design.

    best of luck.

    Mike Parent

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