HttpSession recreated when WebApp is called via Construct 2

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  • Hi,

    I'm not sure if I'm facing these problems due to construct 2 or my webapp, but perhaps you have an idea or hint.

    I tryed setting a session attribute in a servlet/filter context in my webapp. this works fine, but when I do a second request to my webapp via my construct 2 game (via ajax post) it creates a new session. It works when I use my rest services directly in the browser (enter the url, do the (get) request myself). The session wont be created new - everything's fine. Of course I'm using the same url as in the ajax call from construct 2, same browser,...

    Is there anything I need to know about Construct 2, Cookiehandling, so on... ? Never had any problems with sessionobjects...

    Thanks for any hints!

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  • Hi again,

    I expect it to be an ajax or cross domain problem (but I'm not sure), but I avoid the httpsession now and so I don't need any further help.

    Thx and sorry.

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