HTML5 web build only works in Chrome!

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  • Hello All,

    I'm using Construct 2r 244r (64 bit), Windows 10.

    I have exported my game as an HTML5 web build and hosted it on a Github Pages site, link here:

    For some reason everything loads and works perfectly when running in Chrome. When it runs in anything else (Firefox for example) it runs into 404 errors and XML parsing errors. This surprisingly doesn't stop the game however, but content is missing. Content missing includes text boxes and changes my main games event page in some sort. Usually you cant just skip the quiz screen by pressing the little black next button, but in Firefox you can. It will send you to another layout, which doesn't show text boxes either.

    I'm not sure if it's happening because of me, the export, or the browser. Hopefully someone can help me through this?


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  • I made a dumb mistake. Left a C# syntax comment ( // ) in my XML file, but it's still odd that Chrome will read it normally while other browsers can't.

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