HTML5 export just shows black screen.

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Is a circular loading screen with code ready to use. No Animation.
  • Hi, Ive exported a one layout demo of my current project.. when ever I click on the Index file I just get a black screen on my browser.. Any Ideas?

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  • I should clarify, I have also uploaded it to drop box etc.. I just cant get it to run.

  • the problem is with Dropbox.

  • If you used any plugins that are not compatible with the latest Construct 2 script compression, that can cause black screen too. Try disabling compression when you export.

  • Check for browser errors and it usually tells you the cause. If you're hosted on Dropbox, they sometimes fail to send files... using a real host might be better.

  • Ok, Ill try all of these things! thanks. On some of the tutorial videos they say to play the index file to se eif its working.. and that doesnt do anything for me either. Thanks for the help guys!

  • Ok, this is weird.. it seems to work with IE and firefox.. but not chrome. Just clicking on the Index file will launch the game (minus some effects)But when I launch chrome.. nothing happens, black screen.

  • In Chrome im getting this error.

    Viewport target-densitydpi is not supported. index.html:9

    Failed to load resource file://

    Uncaught Error: SecurityError: DOM Exception 18 c2runtime.js:48

  • Failed to load resource file://

    you might upload this file again

  • Sounds like exactly the problem everyone else has been having with Dropbox. It's a pretty unreliable host right now, it seems.

  • Out of curiosity, since I too have been having issues with dropbox and even google drive, are there any suggestions for better hosts?

  • Sounds like exactly the problem everyone else has been having with Dropbox. It's a pretty unreliable host right now, it seems.

    Hmm, that's how I was planning to host it. Do you know of any other cheap/free ways to host them? I use Tumblr as my website and have it all set up the way I want it. But I'm fairly certain you cant host files on there.

  • You can't realistically host games on Dropbox or Google Drive for broad distribution anyway, because they have fairly low bandwidth limits (they're intended for personal use). Just look for a cheap website host, there are loads and the prices are pretty low.

  • I was struggling with making this file sharing your game thing work as well. The problem, I found (for me, at least - black screens only) was that I hadn't followed the Dropbox tutorial exactly as described. I thought, because I had selected enable public sharing on the folder and files in Dropbox that that would be enough. It turns out that you still need to formally set up a Public folder - click on the link in the tutorial (duplicated below) to enable full access to the index file. I hope this helps...

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