How do I have a html div tag in C2 to show facebook like but

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  • Hi ,

    I want to have html div in my construct game so as to show facebook likes/fb like button.

    I searched in and landed up on the page : JesseJoh's html elements pack and PODE's html pack or say plugin. But unfortunately the links given on the respective pages are broken/expired.

    Please help me. I desperately need the html plugin or atleast tell me another way to showcase FB likes in my construct 2 layout.



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  • Well, first of all, event with an html element handled in C2, you may have problem, as the like counter and button is an iframe, and is handled by facebook. When you add such a box in a webpage, you add the element, and facebook does the rest : check for connection from user (to display if he already likes), collect the page's meta if it wasn't in cache, ... And the clicks are also handled by facebook. So it doesn't seem fitting to put the like button INSIDE C2. Why do you want them inside ? What do you want to do with them ? Even if you successfully have the iframe element created inside C2, you won't have the onclicks, so it seems like a

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