HTML App is not automatically playing?!?

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  • Hi all,

    for the past few hours I have been stuck, I can't seem to figure out the solution. I have uploaded the entire contents of the exported html files to a drop box. When I click on the index.html all it says is 'Your browser does not appear to support HTML5. Try upgrading your browser to the latest version.' I am running the latest version of Chrome, Firefox and Explorer, but it isn't working on any one of them.

    If that message doesn't pop, you can download the file, but it does not play as a html app automatically in the file, you have to download it then open to browser to get it working. How do I get it to begin playing in the browser straight away? I have read the tutorials multiple times, and have followed every step.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!



  • I may be wrong on this, but I vaguely remember hearing about Dropbox changes recently that affected streaming content or something? That may be what is causing your problem. Hopefully, someone else more knowledgeable will come along and give you a better answer.

  • Did a really fast search, but are you using the public link to the game to try playing it? Just a guess. Here's a link that might explain it more.

  • Hi Mepis,

    I have tried both dropbox and Google drive, and putting them both on public, but nothing seems to work. I was hoping to send an app as part of my resume and it is due today.

    Any suggestions?

  • I got it sorted out. I used Google Drive and followed these instructions, if anyone has/is having this problem, the below link will solve your problems.

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  • I'm glad it worked out for you. If I had known it was for a resume I would have offered to upload it to my hosting account.

  • Thanks you are too generous! But I was able to figure it out. Sometimes a good night sleep is needed to solve some issues!

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