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  • I am just starting with construct2 so forgive my ignorance:

    I would like to make a top-down perspective game similar to Secret of Mana/Zelda 3/Shining Soul

    Using C2, how much can I create as far as stats and health?

    Is there a way to create an inventory for tools or alternate weapon types?

    (I am sure there is a way using code but what I mean is how much of this can I create via drag & drop with the default settings?)

    Thank you!

  • You don't have to use code at all - it is all event driven and some use of expressions (with drag and drop you can only arrange the graphics).

    Stats, weapons and health are just variables you store

    There is a lot you can do very easy. But there are other things that are more complicated.

    So for this kind of game, you will have to learn/use arrays and maybe JSON.

    Not to complicated, but also not the easiest things to do.

    There is an alternative


    this one does make live easier for your game, but on the other hand, if you want to make something else it's useless. Here C2 shines - you can build whatever you want.

  • Sounds good, I will start creating a design doc so I can nail down the specifics.


    Would you happen to have any links to tutorials on JSON/arrays or are those in the more specific forum categories here?

  • Check the manual, tutorials and the frequently asked questions. You can find everything you need in those

  • Here you see how an advanced dialog system is implemented (with JSON) - so it's advanced but very informative.

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    Here is a video where I don't know if any good - but he makes an rpg from scratch

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  • I have a question for you. In this regard in what style of stuff do you want because there really a handful of ways of doing things.

    Like for instance some rpg games in stead of number they use animated sprites for hp . Where in zelda its the hearts that get gained and lost. And other rpg like final fantasy uses number to tell you. I would flesh out a design on paper. And then study the games that has that design and try to figure out on how it is being done.

    I am in the same boat in making some thing similar but like i said each rpg style game has its own way of presenting its way of projecting the game on to the player.

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  • Gearworkdragon, I can show you a mock up of how I am envisioning it:

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