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  • noob question how do I make the HP bar follow where my screen is going?.I have have a platform game ,I Tried the Anchor but not satisfied of the outcome, It's following the screen but if I stop moving it moves a bit like law of inertia.


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  • put on a layer and set its parallax to 0

  • thanks, at first I don't know where is it.

    now I found it, if someone doesn't know where parallax is create a new layer and add the GUI stuff there and click that layer on left panel find the parallax then set to 0,0

  • This is explained in the page 7 of the beginner's guide that every C2 user should have gone through at least once.

  • Sorry, I'm still having a problem how do I set the width properly when taking damage. here's my event every tick set width (player.HP/500)*150

    this event work but both end of the bar is reducing going to the center.

    If I use the anchor only the right bar is reducing which is correct but

    the position of the bar is not accurate. If I use the event to position the bar it's hard cause I have this fancy looking life/mana/exp bar :D


  • set the Sprite's Origin Point X to 0

    (How: double click the sprite to enter the image editor. Then, Click the last button on the left Panel tool to edit the origin point)

  • <img src="http://oi40.tinypic.com/5uee7d.jpg" border="0" />

    Here's what happen when I use the event width to set its size.

    If I use animation it would be too hard. well maybe I'll use the text to temporarily show my hp/mana/exp.

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