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    how do i create like that ... i've create player with scroll to .. and i want some simulation that view player position ...

  • help me please ...

  • your HUD an previewer has to be on a layer with a parralax of 0, 0

    Manual: Layers

    so, it will not move with the scrolling

    then, the preview vehicle Y position should be set to something like (Player.Y/Scaling_constant+Other_contant ), replace player by the name of your player sprite, for Scaling_constant, and Other constant, I cant really tell, I depends on multiple things...

    Scaling constant is how many pixels your player should travel on the Y axis to make the preview vehicle move one pixel on the Y axis, and the Other constant is the position Y of the preview vehicle when you are at an Y of 0 yourself.

    Sorry, I can't do that much, maybe someone can help you more

  • i know that ... what i want to know how to create event for simulation the position of car ?? at that parallax ?? Aphrodite maybe you can give an example by capx ??

  • I tried a little something, not exactly precise, but I think you will get the point:

    Preview car

    There is 2 layers, one for the HUD and preview, and the other one for the game itself

    The game will calculate everything at the beginning of the layout, so, no need to do manual calculs beforehand

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  • thank you Aphrodite . it's really simple than i tought ..

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