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  • Hello! I am still fairly new to construct 2. I have been able to create a very advanced game. I am only having problems with a few things. I have it to where you can save the amount of coins and your own personal high score, though if you clear your cache on the browser or on your android phone, you will lose your coins and high score. Is there a way to use the Facebook plugin for that? I have read the Facebook tutorial, but I found it very confusing and hard to follow. Also, I want to have a leaderboard in my game, that compares everyone's high scores. For example, the most coins collected in a level : the top 10 richest people. I looked into the clay.io plugin and it looks like it forces you to sign in before you can post your score to the leaderboard.

    So my [How do I...] is:

    Create a leaderboard that is easy to view and post from the app without needing to sign into some 3rd party site.

    Have a save game that will work in the browser and on mobile, so I can potentially add in-app purchases without fear of the buyer losing the purchase later on.


    [EDIT] On the leaderboards, I am needing to know how to create more than one. I want a board for top coins, top speed, and one more that will compare another global variable. Thanks again.

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  • https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/346/on ... -php-mysql

    Do that tutorial. Setup the tables how you want.

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