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  • Hi guys,

    I would like some help trying to resolve a problem I am having trying to create a "Now Playing" feature with horizontally scrolling text on a semi-transparent background which should make the text disappear part way through the screen.

    I can get the text to scroll horizontally by simply moving the text box to the left AND if the background wasn't semi-transparent, I could hide it behind a sprite.

    Ways I have thought of are maybe using different blend modes - but I have no idea whether they would work in this case or if they would, how!

    Any ideas?


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  • Make a sprite with a gradient fill - transparent on the left and opaque on the the right.

    Put this sprite and your text on the same layer, set "Force own textures" in this layer's properties. And apply Destination Out blend mode to the sprite.

  • Thanks for your reply dop2000 - Sounds interesting & I will try that out! Tho I had already given up and changed the semi-transparent in opaque - but it looks aweful

    But trying out what you suggested will be a great satisfaction - if it works and I'm sure it will.

    So, thanks again!

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