hold x y-position by changing the layout

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  • Hello,

    I?ve a problem to hold the x-y-coordinates by a sprite when changing the layout. The same sprite in the second layout starts everytime from another position. Did anybody know how to transfer the positions in a new layout?

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  • Depends how you want it work,

    You could try making the sprite a global sprite and that will help position it where it left off

    You could try a start of layout event setting the sprite to a custom position on the new layout

    Both of these answers should help, at the least it should point you in the right direction

  • Thanks for answer. I?ve tested both versions, but nothing works. It would be great to explain the practice a little bit more.

    For the second version I?ve create global variables in the first layout for holding the x-y-coordinates by every tick. "On start of" the second layout I?ve set the coordinates with the edit action --> size & position --> set position.

    What I am doing wrong?

  • Thanks! I have it!!!

  • For all the other guys: I�ve combine the two versions from hoguthewhitewolf. That works! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Thanks again hugo....

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