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  • I am trying to get the effect of sliding on on ice. Like air hockey puck sliding. I added a move, physics, but some reason, I cant pick up the puck and slide it, ( it will be on mobile, so TOUCH would be how the user would pick it up. Any starting point? thx

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  • Here you go Remmy112, I made a simple air hockey game for you (graphics from here:

    You can play with the hitSpeedModifier variable, less means more power, and you can of course try moving the Elasticity and friction of the puck. Hope you like it.

  • are you for real.. wow. Thanks Totally appreciate this.

  • , so I see the reason why my way was not working. How would you handle, instead of the paddle hitting the ball, how would you manage this IF the user had to slide the puck. Something like, flicking it with your finger.. thanks. I was thinking it would be something like.. on touch of object ( behaviors would be drag & drop) .. so if they flicked it.. it would be as if they were the paddle. Hope this made sense.

  • You can do it the same way as in the capx. Just resize the paddle to be smaller, like finger size, then make it invisible. Make an event so the paddle is always located where the players touch is at.

    Edit: It's not exactly the flicking that you were looking for but it's a start anyways.

    Edit2: also just noticed this is an older thread that was bumped by a bot. Sorry about that...

  • Damn good idea. I'll try it thx

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