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  • Hi everyone my First post asking for help i think i may have aproched this The wrong way and i want to ask if Im right Or just have a mistake in my logic.

    My game has múltiple "target sprites which are just people as a base layer.

    They each have sprite hitboxes that are inside a container of The characters sprite.

    All characters sprites are inside a family

    Now my problem is:

    I want to attach an animation to each character so that it plays in reaction of Being hit by The player. When The sprite used as bullet hits a especific character hitbox.

    For now i have head and body sprite hitboxes

    The event check is like this:

    When The sprite used as bullet overlaps The head hitbox inside The family of hitbox set animation to hit

    If not clear i can post a screenshots of The code.



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  • posted an image of where i have the question about

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