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  • This tutorial is too advanced for me at this point


    Can anyone explain to me the steps to it?

    I made a new "AttackCLSN" object

    I made a new image point called "Attack" in "Combo1" frame 2

    I made a new action "spawn AttackCLSN object at image point 1 on layer 0" when Combo1 is at frame 2.


    • when I am inputting the image point, C2 does not accept it when I input "Attack", so I typed 1 instead. It stated there I can input the name or number, so I have no idea why it doesn't accept "Attack"?

    then, since my AttackCLSN is just a small square, how can I resize it to fit the size of the attack (like size of whole punching arm for example) since the player in the layout view shows the Idle pose animation.


    I have a type of enemy with Idle, walk, punch, hurt

    What's a good logic to use for its AI?

    and how do I compare the distance between 2 different objects?

    Please help. Thanks.

  • For AI, look at Pathfinding in the manual. To compare distance you want to use the system expression distance(x1, y1, x2, y2) where 1 is object 1 and 2 is object 2.

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  • thanks for the help. I used ctrl+F "Path" in the manual to find "Pathfinding" but I can't find it.

    I found distance though. that's useful. thanks.

    Can anyone help me on hitboxes?


    why does C2 asking me for a string parameter on the y1 (and possibly y2) parameter?

    This is what I put in the "For" loop

    distance (Luffy.X, Luffy.Y, PirateSwordstand.X, PirateSwordstand.Y)

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