How to make hight quality and low quality graphics option?

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  • Hi all

    How can i make the player to change the graphics quality for the game?

    Thank's for the help

  • what exactly do you mean "quality"? do you mean for performance reasons?

    C2 doesn't have render settings... you should be aiming to make a game able to run on most computers.

    Make a Text Object in the upper right corner of your screen and Every Tick, Set Text to: fps & " FPS (" & renderer & ") " & round(cpuutilisation * 100) & "% CPU utilisation"

    so you can monitor your game's performance.

  • You can use the system action "Set fullscreen scaling" to high quality or low quality, note that the low quality setting will make the game not perform worse on a window larger than the window size specified, where high quality (the default one) will, since in high quality, C2 resize first then render, in low quality, it'll only resize if the result is lighter

    Hope that is clear enough

  • Thank's for the replay

    C2 games : Viktor , Airscape , angvik.

    Have an option to chose the quality of the game graphics, if you chose low the game will run faster.

    I don't know if i can make this option by using the system fullscreen scaling event.

    Thank's again

  • Make a variable to set quality settings and then use it in your events to control how many objects are you spawning, how many effects are enabled etc.

    So for example on your layout they are objects that spawns 100 sprites every seconds. This can make slower computers to slowdown a bit and loose fps.

    You could set then

    +if variable = "normal"

    + every 1 second - Object spawn 100 sprites

    +if variable = "low"

    + every 1 second - Object spawn 30 sprites

    I've used something like that in two of my games and it works really nice.

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  • sqiddster

    Can you please share how can i make the same Graphics quality and the Resolution option in your game....

    Thank's alot

  • One thing to watch for is adding text to your game will drop the FPS so putting a text object to show you the fps actually drops your FPS Use Spritefont for any text that is to be shown in place of text objects.

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