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  • Hey, i want to make high score system in my game, but it is little tricky, or maybe it`s not:).

    So, on every level a have time limit. If i have 20 seconds for the first level, but i finish the level in 15 seconds than i would like to add 500 points to score or the seconds that left multiplied by 100. I like to do that on every level and then to calculate the seconds left from all levels. So for example if from all 10 levels there are 55,9 seconds left than add to score 5590 points.

    Any suggestions will be gladly appreciated.

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  • In this case I would do something like this

    Global Variable - Score = 0

    Global Variable - HighScore = 0

    Global Variable - IsRunning = 1

    Global Variable - Time = 30


    IsRunning = 1    Update TextScore = 'score: ' & Score

    this will update your scores


    Score > Highscore

    IsRunning = 1      set global variable HighScore - Score

                       Set Highscore - "Highscore: " & Highscore

    this will update your highscores

    Every (int)1second

    Is Running = 1 (-1 to Time)

    this will track how much is remaining, even if the game ends early

    (end of game) set IsRunning = 0

    you end your game set this to stop all the timers and scores from runnin

    This will save your scores including high score.

    Set text finalscore = highscore + Time(x10)

    Hope this makes sense, if not I'm sure someone could offer you a more clear version.

  • I can`t really understand this events. But you gave me other similar idea.

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